Dearest Minifesters!

Thank you, first of all, for not cancelling your tickets to this year’s Minifest – your affection, belief and support mean a lot!
We have crunched numbers and spoken to suppliers, and we are ready to gather once again at Tenantry Farm on 17-19th September.
There will be fewer of us – which feels appropriate in these Covid times – and we have had to make a few adjustments (such as a smaller block of showers and fewer bands), but the quiet field remains and there will be plenty of portaloos! There will also be our usual mix of excellent music and the very much loved talent show on Saturday afternoon. The kids’ arts and crafts tent may look a bit different as we want to ensure that we stay Covid safe, but the cinema in the evening, and the babysitting are still on.
Check out this A-Z for full details.

What you need to do:

If you are still coming: DO NOTHING – Start planning your outfits and your packing. Get your kids to practise their entry into the talent show. Your ticket stays valid and we will keep you updated as usual of the band line-up and food vendors that will be coming. (If you have also booked a tent, expect an email about these later this week).
If you can’t make it: EMAIL US BEFORE Wednesday 11th September AT : and we will organise your refund.
That’s all for now 🙂